Principle :

Wrinkles and fine wrinkles increase with ageing, the pigmentation of the skin becomes inhomogeneous and marks become apparent. The tiny furrows, which are distributed evenly in all directions in young skin, take a different and single orientation during the ageing process, hence the « creased » aspect of the skin of elderly people.
The wrinkles can be analysed either by fringes projection or by digital photography. Marks can also be studied by photography. Special films can be used to reveal particular details before they become visible to the naked eye, thus giving the opportunity to treat marks at an early stage.

Problematics :
  • Wrinkles (Fringes projection, Photography)
  • Microrelief (Roughness, Texture)
  • Elasticity/Firmness (Cutometry)
  • Bags under eyes (Fringes projection)
  • Microcirculation (Videocapillaroscopy)
  • Heliodermia (Digital photography, Spectrocolorimetry)
  • Dryness/Desquamation (Corneometry, D-Squames...)


Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, firmness, smoothing, hydration, depigmentation, filling, peeling products...

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The Skinexigence SAS, was created by Sophie MAC February 2, 2006 in Besançon, city of art and history. After 6 years in the Besançon University Hospital Skinexigence just moved into the Bioparc building in the heart of Besançon health hub combining the companies working in the biomedical field and near the new dermatology department.

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