Principle :

The skin microcirculation plays a crucial part in bringing nutrients to the epidermis and its annexes, in regulating temperature and in angiogenesis (wound healing). Dr Jean-Marie Sainthillier has developed automated techniques to analyse the microcirculation network. Our objectives are to further these developments in order to link the microcirculatory parameters with the colorimetric parameters of the skin, and to this purpose the calibration and standardisation of the images are essential.

  • Rosacea (Spectrocolorimetry, videocapillaroscopy)
  • Radiance (Digital Photography, Videocapillaroscopy)
  • Alopecia (Digital Photography, Trichogram, Videocapillaroscopy)
  • Dark rings (Digital Photography, Spectrocolorimetry, Videocapillaroscopy)
  • Psoriasis ( Digital Photography, Videocapillaroscopy)


Products claiming an effect on the microcirculation (anti-rosacea, against hair loss, dark rings...)

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The Skinexigence SAS, was created by Sophie MAC February 2, 2006 in Besançon, city of art and history. After 6 years in the Besançon University Hospital Skinexigence just moved into the Bioparc building in the heart of Besançon health hub combining the companies working in the biomedical field and near the new dermatology department.

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