Principle :

Dryness is a frequent affection of the skin. Either constitutional or associated with another skin disorder, it requires specific care and the efficacy of the treatment can now be accurately assessed by clinical scoring and the measurement of specific cutaneous parameters.

Rough, scaling, paper-like and non-elastic skin associated with uncomfortable feelings of tightness and itching are the usual clinical signs of dryness. The designation « dry skin » includes xerosis, atopic skin and ichthyotic skin, all characterised by the alteration of the surface. These changes are induced by the hydro-lipidic imbalance of the skin and the altered desquamation process, or more precisely the alteration of the cohesion between the corneocytes which exfoliate heterogeneously.

Dry skin is very environment-sensitive (it worsens in dry and cold conditions, with ageing, in stressful environment...) and is often associated with subjective sensations of incomfort, stinging, tightness or itching. It is therefore important to take into account the volunteers' environment and their opinion. One of our objectives is to develop our own psycho-sensory scales.

Problematics :

Dehydration (Corneometry)
Desquamation (D-Squames...)
Barrier function (Trans Epidermal Water Loss)
Microrelief (Roughness, texture)
Elasticity (Cutometry)


Hydrating products, peelings...

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The Skinexigence SAS, was created by Sophie MAC February 2, 2006 in Besançon, city of art and history. After 6 years in the Besançon University Hospital Skinexigence just moved into the Bioparc building in the heart of Besançon health hub combining the companies working in the biomedical field and near the new dermatology department.

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