Besançon is the capital of microtechniques and has acquired international recognition in the field of skin biometrology following the works initiated by Professor Pierre AGACHE and pursued by Professor Philippe HUMBERT. Privileged and long-term collaborations and relationships have been developed with many other laboratories and the resulting achievements have enhanced the knowledge of physiological and physiopathological mechanisms, in particular with regard to the microcirculation and the optical and physico-chemical properties of the skin.
SKINEXIGENCE S.A.S.  was created by Sophie MAC on February 2nd, 2006, in Besançon (France), a city with a rich past, and its premises are located within the University Hospital.

The company's core activity is the assessment of the efficacy of cosmetic products by innovative technology.
SKINEXIGENCE works in partnership with BIOEXIGENCE, a company specialist in in vitro tests, in clinical research as well as fundamental research. The synergy and complementarity of competence and skills of these structures represent an expertise force for the study of the skin.
SKINEXIGENCE was created with funding from the 7th « Concours National d'Aide à la Création d'Entreprise de Technologies Innovantes » (French National Competition providing help for the creation of innovative companies) in 2005. The project was awarded a prize in the category « Creation/Development ». The company's purpose is to develop image analysis modeling tools and techniques and provide specific and adapted methods to assess the products manufactured by Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Laboratories. Special attention is paid to the qualitative and illustrative data provided by images, as well as the quantative data extracted from these images (neural detection, colour and/or pattern analysis, granulometry, profilometry...).

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The Skinexigence SAS, was created by Sophie MAC February 2, 2006 in Besançon, city of art and history. After 6 years in the Besançon University Hospital Skinexigence just moved into the Bioparc building in the heart of Besançon health hub combining the companies working in the biomedical field and near the new dermatology department.

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